Sustainable Development. All of Salov’s operations are based on this premise and our company is constantly striving to minimise the impact of its production process. Environmental sustainability is our priority. For example, in the ‘Berio Method’, used for the Italian market, we only select raw ingredients produced using sustainable integrated farming practices.

Find out more about our Sustainability commitment. Read our 2022 Sustainability Report and watch our video, here below, in the Sustainability Report section.


Salov Group’s headquarters are located in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca, in the area bordering the Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Park. We have integrated seamlessly into this remarkable natural setting by adopting careful environmental management and monitoring systems, encouraging us to work and to respect nature every single day.


We have set up a beehive in the area surrounding the production plant: bees are excellent biological indicators as they provide information regarding air quality.
By monitoring their life cycles, we can determine the rate of CO2 emissions at various stages of production.


Our sustainability journey began many years ago, culminating in the publication of our second Sustainability Report in 2023. Learn about all that Salov does for the environment and the community. By choosing Salov products you are contributing to our vision of sustainability, which is one of continuous improvement for everyone.

Report 2020 Report 2022


Since 2018, in an effort to reduce the amount of new plastic entering the environment, we have switched our PET bottles to R-PET bottles which include a proportion of recycled plastic. This is just one example of our sustainability initiatives which also includes us generating some of our own electricity and heating to be used at the plant.

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