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Our remarkable story began in the mid-nineteenth century when Filippo Berio registered his brand, FILIPPO BERIO & C.


The Company receives its first international awards at the Universal Expositions of Lyon (1872) and Paris (1878)


In Chicago, Filippo Berio wins a prestigious honour at the World Columbian Esposition


With growing awareness and the need to protect the Company's international reputation, the trademark ‘Filippo Berio’ is registered in the United States in 1896


An important step in the history of Filippo Berio took place in 1891 with the acquisition of 50% of the company by Giovanni Silvestrini. Then, in 1900, he became the full owner of the Company, taking over the share of Albertina Berio, Filippo’s daughter.


Giovanni Silvestrini and fellow entrepreneurs from Lucca (Eugenio De Paoli, Trimogeriano Del Papa, Dino Fontana, Annibale Fortuna dell'Agnello, Lorenzo Fortuna dell'Agnello, Michele Del Magro, Raffaello Fortuna dell'Agnello, Roberto Lucchesi, Luigi Martinelli) sign a memorandum that creates SALOV – SOCIETY ANONYMOUS LUCCHESE OIL AND WINE (14th October 1919).


In the 1920s SALOV created the first modern olive oil refining plant with ‘a system patented by the Société des Procédés Ergho of Nice’, Since the 1940’s, the refinery area gradually expanded with the acquisition of neighbouring farmland and the construction of new processing facilities.


During WW2, the refinery and other Salov sites suffered considerable bomb damage. It was a period of crisis for the Company but, thanks to the skill and dedication of the Company’s management and staff, it laid the foundations of renewed success for SALOV in the 1950s.


1959 saw the production of the first Sagra branded olive oil, distributed by Plasmon. Its quality was apparent – so much so that it was even sold in pharmacies (a sign of very special quality in italy).


The international fame of the Filippo Berio brand kept growing, aided by an increasing number of health studies that confirmed the beneficial effects of olive oil.


Salov took over the Sagra brand, aiming to expand distribution with a dedicated marketing and sales team.


Evidence of the Filippo Berio’s brand’s ever-growing popularity, Salov North America was created – the group's first foreign subsidiary.


The model was replicated in the United Kingdom with the foundation of Filippo Berio UK.


A fundamental step in Salov’s history was Salov’s move to the new Massarosa site – the continuous increase in demand from the Italian and world markets having persuaded the Company to invest in a new production site. This now extends over a total area of 330,000 square meters. And is unquestionably one of the most modern and technologically advanced facilities in Europe.


In 2014, Salov joined the Bright Food Group of Shanghai, confirming the Company’s international appeal and status as a global ambassador of Italian culture and food.


In 2016 Salov opened its third international subsidiary in Moscow; Filippo Berio RU.