Our Business

The Company operates in three diversified business areas – ready to exploit all market opportunities.

In addition to its Sagra and Filippo Berio brands, Salov is a well-known and trusted food industry partner, as well as an ideal partner for own label producers.

Sagra has been a popular brand in the Italian market since 1959, known for its high quality products. The brand  now offers a wide range of products in the extra virgin, olive oil and seed oil categories.

Filippo Berio, a popular brand since 1867, is now sold in over 75 countries and is a leading brand in the UK, USA and Russia. Known as an olive oil specialist, Filippo Berio also offers products such as  vinegars, glazes and sauces.

Private label

Thanks to its experience and deep knowledge of the oil category, Salov is an ideal partner for any company looking for an excellent co-packer for private label production. The flexibility of Salov’s production expertise means it can produce a wide range of oils (extra virgin, olive, peanut, soy, corn and sunflower) in many formats and with differing technical characteristics.

Business to Business

Salov’s industrial division is highly skilled in providing products and services for major operators in the food industry. Our complete range of the food oils (extra virgin oil, olive oil, corn oil, soy oil, sunflower oil and peanut) for both food production and preparation, is created from the finest ingredients with all phases governed by a strictly certified and controlled production process.