Salov group alongside the 69th Puccini Festival

10 July 2023  - Corporate

Salov group alongside the 69th Puccini Festival

The collaboration with the Puccini Festival continues aimed at underlining Salov strong bond with the territory and its community to enhance its culture, art, music and beauty.

10 July 2023  - Corporate

Salov group alongside the 69th Puccini Festival

Milan, 10 July 2023 – Salov Group, an industrial reality among the main global players in the oil sector which owns the Filippo Berio and Sagra brands, is once again a supporter of the 69th Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, the most important opera festival in Italy and the only one in the world dedicated to the composer Giacomo Puccini, scheduled from 14 July to 26 August.

The renewed collaboration, in addition to celebrating culture, art, music and beauty, reaffirms the link with the territory in which the company has been operating for over 150 years. Rooted in the Lucca area since 1867 – the year in which the founder and mentor Filippo Berio created his company – and, in particular, located right in the area adjacent to the Natural Park of Lake Massaciuccoli -, Salov has been and still is a constant and reassuring presence in the area, to the point of becoming a point of reference, setting itself the goal of creating a company model that puts people, culture and sustainability at the centre.

For the 2023 edition, the Company has dedicated the iconic tin of Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil to Madama Butterfly, one of Giacomo Puccini’s most popular operas which has conquered audiences from all over the world for its poetry and drama that distinguish the love story of the unfortunate geisha, on stage at the Festival for four performances with the interesting reading of Pier Luigi Pizzi who signs the show as director, sets and costumes.

“Salov bond with the local community is strong and heartfelt. We are happy to be supporters of the Puccini Festival again, one of the most awaited cultural events in Tuscany and one of the most internationally recognized – comments Eng. Fabio Maccari, Chief Executive Officer of the Salov Group. “The collaboration with the Festival underlines our bond with the territory. This important event celebrates the Tuscan places that inspired great men who brought beauty, culture and the “quality of doing well” in all its forms to the world, in music as in olive oil. ”

“Salov support to the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago is renewed every time with a constancy that expresses his conviction and corporate enthusiasm. I have always been captivated by the style of Filippo Berio product packaging, in the past as today. Their originality of taste, over time, and their evocative ability, is particularly seductive, especially this year with the special edition tin dedicated to the Puccini Festival. We are grateful to Salov, because it is a local company that has its roots and history in this land. The same where Giacomo Puccini wanted to live, to draw from it that spiritual authenticity and in-ventiveness that was essential for him to create his masterpieces. It is therefore this land which by tradition and currentity binds Filippo Berio to Puccini, in a common breath of worldwide diffusion” – declares Luigi Ficacci, President of the Puccini Festival.

SALOV SpA was born in 1919 from the will of Giovanni Silvestrini, historic business partner of Filippo Berio, founder of the homonymous brand, and a group of entrepreneurs from Lucca. The company quickly became a point of reference for Lucca in the world. Salov is based in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca, and is among the largest companies in the oil sector with a consolidated net turnover in 2022 of approximately 491 million euros and 120 million liters sold. Since 2015 it has been part of the Bright Food International Group.
The Salov Group has always been present on the Italian market with the historic Sagra brand and at the end of 2019, for the first time in Italy, launched the Filippo Berio brand, a brand with over 150 years of history present all over the world and in a position of leadership in the USA, UK and Russia, as well as in Belgium, Switzerland and Hong Kong.
In Italy, Filippo Berio is present with a dedicated range, capable of responding to an increasingly demanding consumer in terms of quality and above all traceability and sustainability. Indeed, thanks to the Berio Method, each stage of the production process is traced and certified starting from the field and from the application of sustainable integrated production techniques.

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