Salov alongside the Master in Food Quality Management and Communication of the University of Pisa.

05 May 2023  - Corporate

Salov alongside the Master in Food Quality Management and Communication of the University of Pisa.

Salov’s journey continues alongside the research and development of young talents in the field of quality Food and Oil thanks to collaborations that also aim at enhancing the territory culture. 3 scholarships dedicated to Filippo Berio, the company’s flagship brand, will be awarded to the three best students of the Master in Food Quality Management and Communication at the University of Pisa. Salov was also directly involved in the teaching activity and today the testimony of Emanuele Siena, Marketing Director of the Company, was held in the classroom.

05 May 2023  - Corporate

Salov alongside the Master in Food Quality Management and Communication of the University of Pisa.

Milan, 5 May 2023 – Salov SpA, an industrial group among the main global players in the edible oil sector based in Massarosa (Lucca), which owns the Filippo Berio and Sagra brands, has signed an agreement with the Master in Food Quality Management and Communication of the University of Pisa, an advanced university training course, aimed at new graduates of all disciplines and professionals already engaged in the world of work and designed for those who want to acquire managerial skills to work successfully in the agri-food, catering and in the field of environmental sustainability.

The collaboration envisages funding by Salov of 3 scholarships for the best students enrolled in the FQMC Master and the intervention in the classroom by Emanuele Siena, Marketing Director of Salov, who actively took part in the educational path of the academic year in course.

After a brief introduction to the company, the focus of the speech was Filippo Berio – Salov’s premium brand dedicated to olive oil, present in Italy and abroad – and the communication activities supporting its offer which reaches over 70 countries in the world, with totally different olive oil knowledge and penetration. The Italian market deserved special attention, with the case history of the Berio Method, the path of quality and guarantee traced and certified from the field to the bottle which selects only the best olives from sustainable methods of integrated agriculture, launched in 2020 with a commitment to quality and the environment. The intervention then continued by illustrating Salov’s path on sustainability and on the plan implemented by the company, precisely in this area, at the end of 2022.

Salov already has various collaborations with academic partners, including the one with the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa in the context of the Long Life Oil applied research project and the one with the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Pisa for the Innovoil project.

With this new agreement, the company reaffirms its commitment to supporting research institutions of excellence to strengthen its ties with the local area, with a view to helping to increase and enhance its young resources in particular.

“We are very satisfied to be able to collaborate with the Master Food Quality Management and Communication of the University of Pisa, a reality with which we have been collaborating in other areas with great satisfaction for several years. Salov has always believed that people are by far the most important resource: for this reason, partnerships like this are of great value, because they represent an opportunity for us to be known and appreciated by potential future talents as well as giving us the opportunity to contribute to training of university excellence. I found the students involved and very brilliant, particularly interested in the aspects of sustainability communication, a key element of our reality” – declares Emanuele Siena.

“The Master Food Quality Management and Communication of the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa has achieved centrality in the development of the best professional skills in the agri-food sector. Now in its eighth edition, the FQMC Master has consolidated its ability to give a specific and concrete response to the innovation, research and development needs of companies in the sector. The collaboration with Salov, a company of international importance, constitutes an element of active exchange between the university and business worlds, a way of returning academic knowledge to the territory, with important repercussions on training and the creation of value.

The dialogue with the Marketing Director, Emanuele Siena and the students of the Master generated a high interest and a high participation. As Director of the Master, I sincerely thank Salov for his speech in the classroom which enriched the professional skills of the students of the FQMC Master and for the opportunity offered to three of our best students, thanks to the allocation of contributions” – says Professor Angela Tarabella .

SALOV SpA was established in 1919 by Giovanni Silvestrini, a long-time business partner of Filippo Berio, the founder of the homonymous brand, and a group of entrepreneurs from Lucca. Quickly, the company became a reference point for Lucca in the world.
Salov is based in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca, and is one of the largest oil companies with a consolidated net revenue of approximately 376 million euros and 120 million liters sold in 2021. Since 2015, it has been part of the Bright Food International Group.
The Salov Group has always been present in the Italian market with the historic Sagra brand and launched the Filippo Berio brand in Italy for the first time in 2019, a brand with over 150 years of history present all over the world and in leading position in the USA, UK, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.
In Italy, Filippo Berio is present with a dedicated range, capable of responding to an increasingly demanding consumer in terms of quality and, above all, traceability and sustainability. Thanks to the Berio Method, each stage of the production process is traced and certified starting from the field and from the application of sustainable integrated production techniques.

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