Olio Sagra presents the new r-PET bottles made with 100% recycled plastic for the seed oils range

25 May 2023  - Corporate

Olio Sagra presents the new r-PET bottles made with 100% recycled plastic for the seed oils range

After the launch of the 50% r-pet bottles, the historic Sagra brand makes its commitment to reducing its environmental impact increasingly tangible by launching new bottles made with 100% recycled and totally recyclable plastic on the market. A new “green” goal in the name of the circular economy and respect for the environment.

25 May 2023  - Corporate

Olio Sagra presents the new r-PET bottles made with 100% recycled plastic for the seed oils range

Milan, 25 May 2023 – Sagra, a brand of the Salov S.p.A. Group. protagonist on Italian tables since 1959, confirms its commitment to sustainability by presenting the innovative r-PET bottles made with 100% recycled plastic dedicated to the range of seed oils.

A daily commitment to a greener world

A fundamental change for the sector because it involves a new type of sustainable plastic (100% of the plastic used for making it comes from the recycling of other bottles), but also performing because it is capable of maintaining the same characteristics of quality, safety and handling for the consumer of classic bottles.

Each element of the new packaging has been studied from a green perspective: the sleeve that covers the bottle (essential for protecting the product from light) is made with an innovative recycled plastic material; while the packaging that replaces the plastic protective film is made of 100% recycled cardboard.

All solutions that make a clean cut in the introduction of new plastic into the environment and in CO2 emissions, directly involving the end user in a path of responsible consumption and respect for the Planet.

“After the creation of 50% r-Pet bottles in 2020, our commitment has continued and we are proud to present the new 100% recycled plastic bottles. For us it is important that sustainability becomes a concrete and tangible element through the products that we offer to consumers every day” – declares Mauro Tosini, Commercial Director of Salov S.p.A.

A further innovation that makes Sagra’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact concrete, all while keeping faith with the promise made to consumers: the offer of recognizable, versatile and balanced products, perfect for accompanying everyday cooking, as well as reliable thanks to the high quality standard guaranteed by rigorous controls in the various stages of production.

The Sagra Seed Oil Range: six different oils to meet every need

The new format in 100% r-PET is available in various formats from the liter to the larger convenience formats. The range is made up of different oils:

  • Corn seeds
  • Peanut seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • High oleic sunflower seeds
  • Frìmax special for frying
  • Grape seeds

To keep up to date with the news of the Sagra, you can visit the website www.sagra.it and the social channels where you can find hints, curiosities and useful ideas in the kitchen and in everyday life for a more sustainable lifestyle.

La SALOV SpA nasce nel 1919 dalla volontà di Giovanni Silvestrini, storico socio in affari di Filippo Berio fondatore dell’omonimo marchio, e di un gruppo di imprenditori lucchesi. Rapidamente l’azienda diventa un punto di riferimento della Lucchesia nel mondo. Salov ha sede a Massarosa, in provincia di Lucca, ed è tra le più grandi Aziende del settore oleario con un fatturato netto consolidato nel 2022 di circa 491 milioni di euro e 120 milioni di litri venduti. Dal 2015 fa parte del Gruppo Internazionale Bright Food.
Il Gruppo Salov è presente da sempre sul mercato italiano con lo storico marchio Sagra e ha lanciato a fine 2019, per la prima volta in Italia, il marchio Filippo Berio, brand con oltre 150 anni di storia presente in tutto il mondo e in posizione di leadership in USA, UK e Russia, oltre che in Belgio, Svizzera e Hong Kong.    
In Italia, Filippo Berio è presente con una gamma dedicata, capace di rispondere a un consumatore sempre più esigente in termini di qualità e soprattutto di tracciabilità e sostenibilità. Grazie al Metodo Berio, infatti, ogni fase del processo produttivo è tracciata e certificata a partire dal campo e dall’applicazione delle tecniche sostenibili della produzione integrata.

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