Projects and Collaborations


Salov consistently cooperates with public research institutes and private organisations, sharing expertise and perspectives.

For several years our laboratory has worked with the University of Pisa, Siena, and other private laboratories, researching new techniques and new analytic processes, for both olive oil and for the refining of seed oils.


Analysis of the refinery process – aiming to reduce reagents, energy consumption and process wastes, maintaining product quality while reducing enviromental impact and industrial risk.

University and research institutes

Salov cooperates with universities and research institutes with special projects and internships, strengthening research and development and bringing dynamic young people into our business thinking.

The Oliva Plus project was born out of a cooperation with the Chemistry Department of the University of Pisa which, through the re-integration of components lost during the refining process, aims to develop an olive oil with controlled neutraceutical and organoleptic parameters.

Pilot Plant

Since 2012, Salov has utilised a pilot vegetable oil refinery which allows us to estimate, for every stage of the process, the energy demands and how these relate in qualitative terms of the final product. The plant reproduces and tests every process: the product reaction, the energy required and recovered and, in the final cycle, it verifies the quality of the oil. The aim is to benchmark crude seed oil processing from the point of view of both economic and technical feasibility.

Life Resilience

Salov has entered a project funded by the European Community called Life Resilience, the only private Italian company to do so. The project aims to counter the spread of the Xylella Fastidiosa bacterium, capable of irreversibly damaging European olive production.