Quality Management is a key priority in every phase of the production process. In fact, all of our operations are subject to on-going, methodical verification by Salov experts and accredited, external certification boards.

Quality control covers all areas of production: suppliers, production site, machinery and packaging. Each phase is monitored to ensure that the process is carried out following a rigorous quality and safety criteria established by Salov.

Having direct control over our industrial facilities is a considerable advantage, as it means Salov can guarantee every phase of its production. From selection to bottling, we monitor every process to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved.

The company’s internal Testing Laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technology in order to guarantee the authenticity of raw materials as well as the consistent quality of all end products.

In order to continually improve and perfect our oil refining, we pursue a policy of constant improvement, with raw material tests and simulations carried out regularly.

Traceability is another important factor in providing a guarantee for any given product, at any given time. Using special SAP software, it is possible for us to run a traceability check and verify the properties and quality level of any single batch we produce.