Salov has always operated in accordance with strict criteria regarding quality, sustainability and social responsibility, and the organisation constantly seeks to improve its performance.

Salov does not restrict itself to simply complying with legal requirements, we go above and beyond by pursuing our own, more rigorous, standards to guarantee the best possible products and service – for our clients and for the wider community.

At Salov, the term quality doesn’t have an abstract meaning. Quality is a measurable factor that has the greatest influence on all of our strategic and operational decisions.
A Complete Summary of
Salov’s certifications
“The wide range of interests and socio-economic scenarios with which Salov is involved, along with the company’s organization methods, require business activities to be carried out in compliance with the law, within a scheme of fair competition, demonstrating honesty, integrity, professionalism, and good faith, and in consideration of the legitimate interests of clients, employees, commercial and financial associates, and the general public”.View Salov Code of Ethics [PDF 4,2 Mb]