Quality control

The entire production process at Salov is subject to constant and rigorous quality control, in order to achieve and exceed both our own and international legislative standards.


The process of control and supervision

The control and supervision process covers all of our activities, from the procurement of raw materials to packaging and food safety:


As a result of our commitment to the protection of products, machinery and people, over the years Salov has been awarded many qualitative certifications, including BRC-GFS, IFS and ISO.

Our products are subject to many qualitative tests, from the preliminary stages, through raw material purchase, up until the product leaves our plant. A Quality Management system characterises every stage of the production process, which is itself subject to continuous and systematic internal and external controls.

The direct management of Salov’s factory facilities is a major strength, as it guarantees the monitoring of every every stage of our production process – from selection to bottling and despatch – ensuring the highest on-going quality standards.

Salov’s internal analysis laboratory is equipped with the finest technology, ensuring raw material quality, as well as the consistent quality of our final products. In order to continuously improve the refinery system, many tests and raw material simulations are also performed.

Traceability is also vital for every product. It allows to us verify, at any moment and for every single production batch, product quality and characteristics.