The Pure and Untouched

Oil is an irreplaceable ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, it is a symbol of our food culture and an essential element of healthy and tasty nutrition.

Extra virgin olive oil

The definition of extra virgin olive oil states that it must be obtained ‘directly from the olive and only through mechanical processes’, and specific conditions must prevent the alteration of the oil – there must be no treatment, apart from washing, decanting, centrifugation and filtration. Finally the acidity of extra virgin olive oil, expressed in oleic acid, must be no more that 0.8g per 100g. The lower this acidity value, better the oil quality.

Olive Oil: Mediterranean heritage

Olive Oil, also known as the ‘green gold’, is a staple product of the Mediterranean basin.

The soil and climate of this land favours the cultivation of the olive which is supported by an age-old olive oil culture.

The main growing areas are central-southern Italy, Greece (the Peloponnese), central-northern Tunisia, central-southern Spain and Provence in France.


Sweet and light, with notes of almond


Sweet and fruity with a peppery finish


Pungent, aromatic and intense


Intense aroma with notes of tomato

In Spain

Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world: almost half of world production comes from Spanish olive groves.


Sweet and fruity


Intense fruity of ripe olive


Medium fruity, with notes of vegetables


Intense fruity, spicy and tannic

In Greece

The Peloponnese and the Island of Crete produce the greatest quantities of olive oil in Greece.


Light fruity, with notes of vegetables


Light fruity, with notes of grass

In Tunisia

In recent years Tunisian olive production has grown considerably in both quantity and quality, positioning the country as major force in olive oil production.

Northerly Tunisia

Medium fruity, with notes of grass and tomato

Heart of Tunisia

Light fruity, with notes of almond

There is no one country that makes ‘all the good oil’ – quality is determined by many factors. As is the case for all grown products, climate and sun, cultivars, collection methods, preservation and transformation technologies, all play their part in creating a fine oil