How we make it

Salov’s production facility is one of the most modern in Europe.



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Our production process goes through many phases, all subject to stringent controls

Identifying and monitoring production areas

We monitor the Mediterranean basin analysing climate and agronomic indicators to locate the best growing areas.

Oil selection in the territory

The Master Blender begins the selection process with on-site tastings.

Sample reception and organoleptic analysis

A selected sample arrives on site: SALOV assess whether it complies with Company standards.

Physical chemical analysis

Approved oils are analyzed by our laboratory, which is able to approve products in compliance with all qualitative and legislative standards. Every year, of 6000 oil samples received, only 6% are considered suitable for Salov oils.

Purchase of bulk oil

Once the organoleptic and chemical sample’s  acceptability has been assessed, we purchase the bulk oil.

Post purchase analysis

All oil that arrives in the factory is analyzed for a second time. Even if  just one of the characteristics of the original  sample do not correspond to the original, the oil is sent back to the producer.

Oil storage

Correct storage is vital to the quality of the oil. Storage systems vary, depending on the origin and the organoleptic characteristics of the product.


Next, oils are selected for the most important and delicate process in the entire production phase – the blending. In this process, oils with different origins and organoleptic characteristics are mixed to create a finished product with a unique and distinctive taste profile.

Analysis and panel test

Using a panel test, the blend is subjected to further chemical and organoleptic analysis.


The approved product is filtered and made ready for bottling. In accordance with our principles of sustainability and environmental protection, Salov only uses natural products for filtering: diatomaceous flour and cotton cards.


The oil is carefully bottled in different formats and packaging to guarantee we retain the organoleptic profile created by our Master Blenders.

External panel analysis

Before the product  is despatched, it is  subjected to a final quality control test by an external panel.