Our Values
  • An in-depth knowledge of the land and crops as well as the different cultivars and their properties
  • The ability to select and purchase the best oils available from the various harvests, making it possible to guarantee constant, excellent product quality
  • The expertise and sensory skills required to ensure the best possible tasting assessment
These values have guided Salov since it was first established. Many of our staff members, including the owners themselves, who, with dedication and daily commitment, preserve and pass on the art of making olive oil which inspired our founders over a century ago.
Experience and a passionate attention to quality and innovation all combine at Salov, allowing the company to succeed in an ever-expanding global market.
La traversagna
The “La Traversagna” olive igrove serves as our natural laboratory and contributes to Salov’s knowledge of all oil-related topics.
With 25,000 trees, La Traversagna is among the largest and most modern olive groves in Italy, planted and cultivated according to the intensive agriculture model formulated by the prestigious Istituto di Olivicoltura del C.N.R. di Perugia (Institute of Olive Cultivation – National Research Council of Perugia).