The Salov Group’s long journey goes back many years and is intrinsically linked to a name of historical importance in the world of Olive Oil: Filippo Berio.

Founded in 1867, the Filippo Berio brand established itself at the beginning of the 20th century as the most widely exported Italian brand, famous throughout the world for the excellent flavour of its oils.

In 1919, thanks to the efforts of Filippo Berio’s daughter, Albertina, and the commitment of a number of Tuscan industrialists, including Giovanni Silvestrini and Dino Fontana, SALOV – Società Anonima Lucchese Olii e Vini – was founded, with the primary objective of setting a recognised standard for quality Olive Oil throughout the world.


The Salov Group has been active in the Italian market since 1959 spearheaded by its popular  Sagra brand and, since 2019, with Filippo Berio, an international brand with a history of excellence that goes back over 150 years.


Just as Olive Oil pioneer, Filippo Berio did over 150 years ago, we have a genuine passion for our work. Consistency, rigour and quality are the cornerstones upon which Salov has built its reputation and which still inspire us every day.

These intrinsic values are inextricably linked to our love for Olive Oil, the pleasure of sharing, and a focus on health and healthy eating.

For the consumer, the dedication with which we apply our values results in the uncompromising quality of our Olive Oil.
Experience and innovation, thorough care dealing with raw ingredients, expertise in selecting quality oils and production methods, sensitivity and expertise in tasting, meticulous attention to each stage of the process, respect for the environment; these are all part of our DNA.


Built upon the Sagra brand’s long-standing and excellent reputation in Italy, in 2019 Salov launched the Filippo Berio brand in Italy.

Thanks to uncompromising quality standards, integrity, organisation prowess and the finest facilities, the Filippo Berio brand has been synonymous with international excellence for over 150 years.

The unique taste of Filippo Berio has made it the Olive Oil of choice in many countries. Filippo Berio is established as a leading brand in the USA, UK, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Philippines and Indonesia, with an ever-growing reputation around the world.

Today, Filippo Berio can be found in over 70 countries worldwide, with more to come. Salov is now one of the largest companies in the global Olive Oil sector, with a consolidated turnover of more than 370 million euros and approximately 120 million litres sold every year. The company’s headquarters and production site are located in Tuscany, in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca.


Development in a sustainable way. All of Salov’s activities start from this premise. The company operates with a constant commitment to minimize the impact of the production process on the territory. Environmental sustainability is our priority: with the Berio Method, used for our Extra Virgin Olive oil range in the Italian market, we select raw materials obtained from the sustainable practices of integrated agriculture.

Transparency, correctness, loyalty, and respect are just some of the principles that characterize our vision of work and our way of doing business


Salov is constantly striving to maintain and consolidate a system of corporate governance in line with national and international practices for a sustainable strategy, capable of dealing with the complex environment in which it operates.

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