Industrial research
Over the coming years Salov’s mission will be to maintain and develop the quality of our oils while ensuring the wellbeing of the people and land around us; optimizing production while reducing consumption.

With these goals in mind, research into how we can reduce the environmental impact our operations is now an important focus. We maintain an excellent rapport with local communities, as well as with the consumers who choose our oils, and we see our sustainability strategy as an important underpinning to those relationships.
Another important area of research concerns product innovation, both in terms of raw materials and packaging. Over the past few years, we have collaborated with universities and other organisations, studying new olive oil analytical techniques as well as new methods for the refinement of crude vegetable oils.
For example:

  • INNOVOIL Project: An innovative description and analysis of the refining process aimed at reducing the reactants used, energy consumption and waste products generated; maintaining product quality while lowering environmental impact and industrial risk
  • Reducing weight of primary and secondary packaging
  • Developing new analytical techniques designed to improve the quality, authenticity and safety of products; ongoing research to evaluate the physical characteristics of end products and to optimize these features with new primary packaging
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