Production Methods

Thanks to the organisation’s organisation’s significant experience and technical know how, all cooking oils processed by Salov are of the highest quality.

Quality has always been the company’s values. Salov was founded on the basis of expertise in the selection of the best raw material suppliers from the most suitable countries. Extraordinary attention is still paid to the oils we purchase (totaling more than 150,000 tons per year) and there are regular audits of our production and transport management. We also employ two exclusive local agencies in the Mediterranean’s main oil-producing countries to ensure constant monitoring throughout the supply chain.

The company reinforces the high standards of its products with rigorous evaluations performed by an internal panel of tasters, the head of which is certified for the selection of Extra Virgin olive oils by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Policies. Salov also has technologically advanced Testing Facilities enabling the detailed and accurate analysis of all varieties of crude olive oil and other vegetable oils.
Every year only 6% of the 6,000 oil samples we receive pass SALOV’s painstaking quality controls.
During the Extra Virgin oil selection process samples are analyzed by company experts who evaluate its chemical properties and other sensory properties.
Our experience and dedication to the highest product quality is also revealed during the oil’s blending phase, where Salov’s expertise ensures that our oils’ sensory properties are consistently well-balanced and desirable.
All other oil varieties processed by Salov, such as olive, peanut, soybean, corn and sunflower oil undergo a certified and controlled production processes achieving levels of quality that are recognized by both clients and consumers around the world.