filippo berio
The First & Last Name in Olive Oil
A name that has become synonymous with the highest quality Extra Virgin olive oil, Filippo Berio is the leading brand in the US and UK, and a favourite around the world.
Filippo Berio Products
La Passione per l'Olio
Launched in 1960, the Sagra brand is primarily distributed in Italy where it’s well known for its range of superior-quality products. Sagra Products
Innovation and Research
For quite some time now, Salov has been working to reduce and monitor the environmental impact of its production processes, in particular, the activity of refining oil. Through these efforts, the company decided to take up the project of INNOVOIL
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A beautiful new shape for Filippo Berio
After 140 years, Filippo Berio has lovingly redesigned its iconic olive oil bottle and label designs. Following worldwide research, the redesign has been carried out to improve the visibility and usability of the bottle...
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